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The Alaya Ubud

The Alaya Ubud
The Alaya Ubud is already making waves as Ubud’s newest chic boutique hotel, offering 60 tastefully appointed rooms, a luxurious spa, and the spacious and stylish Petani Restaurant. Located in downtown Ubud beside Bebek Bengil, the hotel stretches back into the rice fields and boasts enviable views of emerald green paddies and distant forest.
At the front of the resort, the Petani Restaurant lures people in with contemporary takes on Indonesian, Asian and international cuisine. The dining room is bright and airy and features eclectic decor like antiques, batik samples and paintings that are both vintage and modern. From the kitchen, guests can choose from tapas and light bites and heartier meals like the Crispy Duck served with lawar vegetables, tomato sambal, sambal matah, sambal Bali and steamed rice.
The Alaya also features the Dala Spa, a serene nature-driven health and relaxation centre on the lower level next to the rice paddies and the nearby river. The highly trained therapists here use bespoke spa products made on site and employ age-old traditions and beauty rituals to pamper and purify the mind, body and soul.
Tel: +62 361 972200

Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Gallery

Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Gallery
Since the 1970s, the Todorov family has been exploring the remote villages of the Sepik region in Papua New Guinea and collecting unique and rare art pieces that represent the culture and artistic style of each village. With over 200 villages in the region, the family’s collection has grown into a diverse mix of ancient and contemporary artworks used for both ceremonies, day to day tasks and decoration. Now collectors, designers and Oceanic art enthusiasts alike can discover the depth and diversity of authentic Sepik art at the Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Gallery on Jalan Dewi Sita.
The collection includes distinctive tribal pieces such as wooden ancestral figures, woven Abelam headdresses, ceremonial masks and daggers, jewellery and household items. Each item can be purchased at the gallery or online, and the Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery will ship to any location worldwide. In addition, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and provenance, and Francesca and Bianca Todorov are always on hand to talk tribal art and share insights on the various artworks in the collection.
Tel: +62 8123 683 5261

Dapoer Restaurant at Bambu Indah

Dapoer Restaurant at Bambu Indah
Bambu Indah is proud to unveil their new open-style kitchen and restaurant Dapoer. The name Dapoer means ‘kitchen’ in Bahasa Indonesia, a fitting moniker considering the menu consists of tasty homestyle Indonesian fare. All dishes are made with the freshest organic ingredients that are sourced locally and from the permaculture garden on site.
Designed by international design-build team Ibuku, Dapoer features a bamboo tower and canopy at the end of a long barn, natural stones, antique wood countertops, terracotta floors, a Balinese grill, pizza oven and igloo-style cold room.
Just like Bambu Indah, Dapoer promises a unique and distinctive experience in an innovative space that allows guests to cultivate an authentic relationship with nature and the food of the Indonesian archipelago.
Tel: 0361-977922

Sababay Winery

Sababay Wine Pouring A5
Sababay Winery produces fresh, lively ‘new latitude’ wines using grapes grown at a number of vineyards throughout Bali’s north coast. The founders of Sababay Winery work closely with local Balinese farmers to implement international viticulture standards to improve the grape quality and consistency of their wines, and they strive to be as environmentally sensitive as possible.
Guests can now visit the Sababay Winery Asteroid Vineyard in the Singaraja Buleleng region to see how and where the grapes are grown and learn about why the company uses a cooperative partnership approach with the local farmers here, how they monitor energy and water usage and recycle waste products, and the different ways that Sababay gives back to the community.
The Sababay modern winemaking facility in Gianyar is also open for tours. The friendly staff here are happy to guide visitors through the state-of-the-art French machinery, shed some light on contemporary winemaking techniques and provide samples of the well-balanced red, rose and white wines produced at the winery.
Tel: 0361-949099

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo
Due to popular demand, the Bali Zoo is now offering their spectacular Night at the Zoo program three nights a week for guests of all ages. This hands-on program takes visitors on five different adventures, each of which is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.
The tour starts with a sunset stroll to the elephant enclosure where you can feed the elephants by hand, followed by the opportunity to get up close and personal with exotic animals such as pythons, Borneo bear cats and a baby freshwater crocodile. After taking photos with the animals, head into the zoo to see the secret lives of nocturnal animals unfold. Finish it all off with an elegant dinner under the stars just steps away from the glass-enclosed lion enclosure and a mesmerizing fire show.
The Night at the Zoo program is now offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm to 9:30pm.
Tel: 0361-294357


With so many artists, writers, designers and social entrepreneurs in Ubud, it is rather surprising that nobody thought of opening a community co-working space for creative professionals before. That is, until Hubud entered the scene. Hubud (or hub-in-ubud) is an all-in-one shared office space for those who want a positive and productive space to get things done.
Step into the bamboo and reclaimed ironwood space overlooking Monkey Forest Road to access modern communal and individual workspaces, dedicated Skype call rooms, conference and meeting areas, printers, scanners, copiers, and Ubud’s fastest Internet connection. The open-concept space has two floors, one that allows for networking and collaboration and another that supports quiet concentration.
If all of that creative energy is making you hungry, the Living Food Lab is a small garden café on site where you can refuel with fresh organic fare and rich Balinese coffee. The café is surrounded by lush greenery, making this the perfect place to take a break and collect your thoughts in the sunshine and fresh air.
Tel: 0361-978073

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